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An example of a general arrangement drawing – the different colours are used to break up the zones of the office.


What is workplace consultancy?

Workplace consultancy is a process of discovering strategically what your organisation needs to improve your workplace efficiency. It’s a valuable tool for any business that’s going through change. Whether your organisation is going through a phase of growth, consolidation, re-branding or you are considering relocation or fit-out due to a lease break.

Our workplace consultants will help you to understand your organisations’ needs in a cost-effective manner and put you in the driving seat in terms of making informed decisions.

Save space, save money, create happy productive staff:

  • Better utilisation of real estate typically saves 15-35% of space through a change in working styles and a better understanding of where and what space you need.
  • Increased staff engagement.
  • Improved productivity and therefore greater business agility and responsiveness.
  • Improved morale and happiness whilst building a positive culture.
  • Inspires collaboration and communication.
  • A lower rate of absenteeism

Understanding your business and staff

Space utilisation study, building evaluation, identification of working trends, understanding staff work patterns and the “real” issues and concerns of all concerned – both management and staff.


This should always start with the question ‘why’? We take all the data and knowledge we’ve gathered and use it to create the optimum workplace design, unique to you and your organisation.

Officescape workplace consultancy

An example of an ideas board – to represent the spine with a feature elevation and product images to show what is being proposed.

Officescape workplace consultancy

An example of a heat map  –  shows how the office space is used. The red areas indicate high traffic areas, the colour gets cooler the less the area is used.

Creating a workplace strategy

Through our powerful processes and evidence gathering, we can produce a Workplace Strategy document for your organisation. This can and is often used to form a Global Standard for our larger clients – helping them to create a seamless culture and brand across different countries or multiple locations. As technology and working patterns change, this document can be regularly re-visited and kept up-to date, becoming part of your key process in keeping the culture, wellbeing and productivity of staff (your most valuable asset) in great condition.

Getting buy-in from all parties

Evidence gathering, reports and office design only form part of the overall success of the consultancy process. You now have to go through a process of getting buy-in from all parties within your organisation. A change management programme allows staff to understand the why, adopt change and help drive the process to succeed.


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