Effective Office Seating

When it comes to sitting at your desk for a long period of time, comfort is essential to help your employees and yourself avoid unnecessary strains. An uncomfortable worker is an inefficient worker; recognising the cause of your employees’ discomfort and correcting the issue can greatly benefit their physical welfare and your business’ productivity.



Deisgned for Long-Term Comfort

Ergonomics centres around your workplace, how efficiently it’s designed, how comfortable it is for your employees and how safe it is for all working within it. One aspect of office seating found at the top of the ergonomics list of office ‘must haves’ in terms of comfort is the humble task chair.

Increasingly recognised as the most important item on the furniture list, task seating designs are moving forward at an exciting pace. Their comfort, durability and style ensures your employees have the correct posture when performing long or repetitive tasks without overlooking value for money. The task chair helps to prevent employee discomfort through strains, aches and poor blood circulation to better help the efficiency of your workplace whilst caring for your employees’ physical welfare.

Demonstration models of all our task chairs are available on request.


Cutting-Edge Design

As with all of our furniture designs, our office seating comes in a range of designs and trendy colours to suit your individual company criteria. Whether it’s the all-important task chairs or simple, stylish seating for clients and business partners, we can assure you that the comfort and practicality of our office seating can cater for any long or short-term tasks.

All of our office seating offers good quality leathers and fabrics in a range of colours and details to suit your particular needs. Our executive seating is also manufactured to the highest specifications ensuring you receive the most desirable options for your management and corporate seating areas.

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