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Remarkably despite the very extraordinary conditions we’re all living in right now – our entire team has risen to the challenge – and we still have managed to maintain a strong number of live sites and projects across the board.

The reason for this is due to the COVID-19 site procedures we developed and rolled out across all of our projects very early in the crisis, and we were encouraged when the government released a statement clarifying that the Construction Industry should put in place strong measures to protect their site staff – but should continue to keep sites open, people working and to keep the economy functioning.

We’ve identified a communication, travel and working policy for all on-site staff – that protects our team to the extent that they are less exposed to the risks of the virus – than many would be in their own homes!

Each site and project is analysed by our Construction Director, Health and Safety Officer and Senior Project Management Staff on a case-by case basis, and if there is any risk’s associated with a particular project or tasks that would result in our staff or clients being exposed – then the decision to not proceed would be taken in this instance.

Reasons to use Officescape

We have updated Site Operating Procedures (SOP) in line with the Construction Leadership Council and these are being continuously updated against Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy advice.

Other reasons to use Officescape include:

  • A multi-disciplined design department with the ability to work 24/7 to increase response/turnaround times including full design qualification and building control sign off within 24 hours of design sign-off.
  • 60-year track record in delivering healthcare projects for the NHS, private healthcare, medtech and biotech industries.

Trained and dedicated responsive team operating to current COVID-19 SOP in line with the Department of Health guidelines, to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all on-site staff as well as the safety of all medical personnel.

Officescape workplace consultancy

Officescape workplace consultancy

Site Operating Procedures (SOP)

While the Government has advised people to work from home where possible during the current Covid-19 situation, the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (DBEIS) has explained that for “many people working in construction their job requires them to travel to their place of work, and they continue to do so.”

Officescape has developed and rolled out COVID-19 site procedures across all of our projects and have put in place strong measures to protect our site staff. Early in the current crisis, we identified and implemented a communication, travel and working policy for on-site staff that protects our team.

This means that we can continue with our projects and help those organisations struggling to complete important business critical works which will set them forward in the future.

View the 31 March 2020 letter from the DBEIS here.

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