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With modern working practices such as flexible working hours, hot-desking, shared spaces and open-plan offices challenging the status quo of the ‘traditional’ working space, where does workplace consultancy add tangible value?

Before we get into the detail of workplace consultancy’s role in efficiency gains, let’s perhaps just recap what workplace consultancy actually is, and who it’s meant for….

Workplace consultancy is the practice of analyzing a business’s daily operations from a human movement and behavioural perspective, with a view to making changes that optimise the use of space, reduce costs and improve productivity.

Who it’s meant for is a more fluid question – workplace consultants are able to help any business that employs a team of people who occupy an in-office space for significant periods of time during a working week, and who may benefit from a professional external plan that creates happier, healthier, more efficient working practices.





So what is workplace consultancy really about?

At its core, it’s about really understanding people.

Workplace consultants tackle new projects with a keen observational eye, taking into account numerous factors including:

  • Size and location of the office
  • Number of separate spaces within the main space
  • Number of people working at the business
  • The hours that people work – what time can they come in and leave? Is flexible working a part of their behaviour?
  • What is the communication like at a business? Are staff generally happy and satisfied or would they like to see some changes? If so, what would they like to change?
  • Productivity – how efficiently are employees when they’re in the office? Are the business’s KPIs in line with performance? Would employees benefit from change, and how might that affect overall business performance?

How does the workplace consultant go about gathering this information?

There are numerous techniques including space utilization studies, online questionnaires, interviews, workshops and more.

And what should it mean for your business? Well, ultimately a workplace consultant is there to bring about positive changes, including:

  • Improved communication and collaboration both vertically and horizontally within a business’s structure.
  • Overall improvement in employee sentiment – happier employees who feel their needs are truly considered and catered for, where reasonable, display a far better overall attitude to their colleagues and tasks.
  • Improved flexibility and positive response to change.
  • More efficient use of space, and reduction in rental costs and wastage.
  • Improved sustainability and carbon footprint reduction.
  • All of this drives to the key business objectives of greater productivity, greater efficiency and performance, and reduction in costs and wastage.

When should you consider engaging with a workplace consultant?

There is really no bad time to bring in the services of a workplace consultant – business managers and owners may be pleasantly surprised to see how much real value can be gained from a fresh perspective.

Ideally, if your working environment has changed after restrictions have lifted, or you’re planning an increase or reduction in staff or operational intensity, or a move to new premises it may be ideal timing to bring in a workplace consultant to ensure that the changes are carried out optimally.

To find out more about how a workplace consultant could transform your business, get in touch today.

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