Flexible meeting options

With a funky name comes a funky design; our office meeting pods come in a variety of sizes and configurations meaning they can fit into any part of your office building.

Perhaps a meeting room just isn’t possible for your building, or perhaps it’s essential that your business has a more private meeting area than desk screening allows; office meeting pods can help. The novel way these specific niches fit into the workspace offers a diverse setting for any small client or big business partner to experience a unique meeting environment with the privacy of a meeting room.

This particular design is excellent for any type of business and office layout. Whether you’re after a professional appearance with a clean cut finish, or whether you’re looking for a young, modern aesthetical design for your business offices, our office meeting pods are an adventurous and individual touch which will set your office apart from your competitors.

Comprehensive and adaptable

Flexible in their design, these comprehensive meeting pods benefit from a simple assembly. This means that, not only does installing office meeting pods limit any disturbance to your work, but you can experiment and fine-tune your office configuration to suit your needs.

Whether you require an enclosed or semi-enclosed space for a particular team, project or function, our meeting pod’s adaptability means you can adjust the design in accordance to your own particular preference. This novel way of installation gives you, our customer, complete control over what pod design you want in your office and where.

With a range of unique translucent and opaque designs to choose from it’s easy and affordable to pick the best design and model for anywhere in your office and, with a variety of bold and professional colours to choose from, your meeting pod can be adapted to fit in with your company colours.

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