Where first impressions matter

Delivering the best office reception furniture in London has allowed us to understand that first impressions matter. When it comes to impressing your clients, the very first part of your building they’ll see is your reception area; this is the forefront of your business after all, so the care and consideration you display in your reception area will speak volumes to your clients and suppliers as they walk through your front doors.

It’s important that the first introduction to your business reflects how you want your business to be perceived. Creating a welcoming environment through your office design without neglecting the practicality of your reception area can greatly help you out here.


Creating quality statements

Here at Officescape, we specialise in creating good quality, well designed office reception furniture in London. Our ingenious designs help you to utilise your office and reception area for optimum workability and aesthetical pleasures.

Whilst function and practicality is never overlooked in any of our designs, adding an adventurous layout to your reception area can bring a refreshing twist to your business which your clients, suppliers and employees will greatly appreciate.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional edge to bestow a sense of classic professionalism to your workplace, or whether you want to inject a more modern personality for a youthful, open atmosphere into your business, our office and reception furniture provide both efficiency and practicality for you and your clients to admire.


Leading the way

Using modern manufacturing techniques in our designing process allows us to include a wide range of materials such as stainless steel, aluminium, glass, wood and granite. These elegant and classic materials help us to create individual and contemporary results tailor-made to suit your specific design requirements.

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