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As we slowly but surely get back to work and offices and working spaces re-open, we need to consider how new working regulations and protocols need to be implemented whilst simultaneously being careful not to create a sense of isolation, and also thinking about how we can use our workspaces more efficiently.

We’ve created a checklist for you to download that covers all the important things to consider.

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Just some of the considerations include:

  • A clearly defined and people-centric workplace strategy, which aligns the organisations business goals, with the needs of the people (both for the current period of change and for the future)
  • A clearly defined flexible working policy, including how often members of the team can work from home and what impact this headcount has on the office design (both for the immediate period of change and for the future)
  • Consideration and analysis into your current office floorplate, is there an opportunity to consider an early lease surrender or sub-letting space to free up working capital by implementing a more dynamic and futureproofed workplace strategy?
  • How your space may need to be cost-effectively adjusted to accommodate safe working distances and protocols in the short term without losing the sense of flow and camaraderie as we start to return to the office in reduced numbers.
  • What adjustments to opening hours need to be made to allow for more flexible working practices
  • How digital technologies can be integrated to help connect dissipated team members that may be working remotely, with the team in the office ensuring the organisation’s culture is nurtured.

Implementing changes to accommodate these new requirements can have significant benefits including:

  • Cost savings
  • Better time efficiency
  • A happier, more productive workforce
  • Developing a reputation for innovation and a forward-thinking approach
  • A significant and powerful tool in your HR strategy, using the office as a magnet to attract, retain, on-board and nurture top talent.

Officescape workplace consultancy

Officescape workplace consultancy

Setting up an Agile Workspace

This new framework in which employees and employers need to establish new, more flexible working approaches requires a proper review of current practices, a basic overview of your systems and an overview of your current culture and your people and what could be improved.

Officescape’s team offers a comprehensive range of services to help you transform your business to accommodate all new protocols (both for the present period and for the future).

In the immediate term, we’re here to help you assess and implement practical changes such as social distancing protocols, signage, office adaptations and other modifications to get your office back up and running efficiently.

We’re also here to guide you on longer-term adjustments including new collaborative spaces and co-working options, spatial evaluations and adjustments, new technology assessment and implementation, and guidance on setting up Work from Home programmes.

Setting up an agile workspace that gives you the flexibility, adaptability and the freedom of choice to continue to grow your business around a defined workplace strategy – whilst accommodating new working practices.

Having a destination workplace can truly deliver long-term benefits, both for the organisation and for the staff. Remember, people and business are very flexible – but traditionally bricks and mortar have not been. This is now changing rapidly – use the current period of change to define your longer-term workplace strategy.

Let the Officescape team bring the full weight of our workspace consultancy, design methodology and people-centric expertise to help you become the business of the future.

Close the gap in your workspace strategy – before your competition does.

Officescape workplace consultancy

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