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If you require staff to work from a centralised location to produce outputs for your company and engage with colleagues which require a commercial building or office location, then yes.

Ineffective working environments cost the economy £5 billion per year

Workplace consultancy is a service that is tailored to suit most organisations from around 25 staff onwards that are in the market for any form of investment, decision or negotiation on their commercial property due to the following factors; staff headcount growth or contraction, re-structure, HR issues (retention or attraction of new talent), mergers and acquisitions or they simply have a lease break and are considering whether their space now best suits the business model going forward.

In the UK alone is it estimated that poor health and worker performance, largely because of ineffective working environments created by substandard design, costs the economy £5 billion per year. See the LSH report 2017 or BskyB report.

Approaching any commercial property decision from the evidence, facts, data and people approach makes commercial sense, but the above statistic suggests that in reality a lot of decisions around commercial property are still using old (arguably broken) methods.

A typical Workplace Consultancy process takes 6 – 8 weeks and should ideally be approached at least 12 – 18 months prior to a renegotiation over a lease break, or decision to move premises.

When you consider that the average time to start the engagement process prior to a major move is nearer to 6 months, it would suggest that many companies are still ignoring this, effectively painting themselves into a corner on their commercial property decisions.

Increase your productivity by 20%

To find out how a workspace consultancy process could help to increase productivity by 20%, turn your second or third highest company overhead (building costs) into a powerful driver for increasing business performance and provide the hard evidence you may need to back up any significant commercial property decision, please get in touch.

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