Since offices first came into being there has been the ever present question on whether or not it’s healthy for an individual to be sat at a desk, in front of a computer screen, for eight and a half hours a day (sometimes longer).

It’s no secret that we grow restless if we remain in one position for a prolonged amount of time. If we’re sat at an awkward angle, or if we aren’t sat properly at our computer desks, we can develop back pains and posture problems. To help ease your employees discomfort in the workplace, it’s important to allow them to move about the office.

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What’s So Important About Movement In An Office?

Our bodies weren’t built to sit in a single position for a prolonged period of time. The effect such a thing has on the human body has been said to be worse than not exercising at all. Our muscles, when not continuously used, can seize up on us suddenly making movement difficult or even painful.

As 60-70% of an individual’s day is spent sitting at a desk, the increased risk of physical pains and discomforts suddenly become pretty serious. This is why movement is so important. Luckily for your company, it doesn’t mean you have to have a five minute break every fifteen minutes or so; it simply means encouraging movement.


How Can I Encourage Movement In My Workplace?

There are a number of ways for you to encourage  your employees to move about during their working day. Leaving their desk during their breaks and walking around the building, office or outside is one sure way of helping them shake off those office cobwebs and clear their heads.

Exercise, or even movement, has been proven to increase employee productivity. It wakes up stiffened joints and muscles and gets a sufficient about of oxygen circulating the brain, allowing your employees to focus more when they return to their desks.

Breaks are a mandatory part of the working day. An hour for lunch and fifteen minutes break is sufficient enough to keep your employees healthy and productive.


Is There Anything Else I Could Do?

Well yes, there is. Recently we’ve seen a dramatic increase in a particular piece of office furniture; the Sit-Stand Desk.

Though the standing desk has been around for generations, it’s popularity has suddenly spiked thanks to employers realising how important movement is in the workplace. It may sound uncomfortable, standing at a desk all day, but the truth is that it can help your employees blood circulation, allowing them to stretch their legs whilst still working.

Simply used a standing desk for an hour a day can help to improve your employees productivity without damaging their physical health!

Breaking up the working day with periods of standing and walking is very important for both health and productivity. Having certain areas in your office your employees can relax in can also help them to relax before getting back to work.

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