In today’s office environment, there’s more people than ever spending time sitting at a desk and working with technology to get their work done… and then going home to use similar technology for relaxation and entertainment purposes.

With this in mind, it’s important that that your workplace has ergonomics at the forefront of the design for not only the comfort of your staff, but for their productivity too.

Why Ergonomics is Important

When the term ergonomics is used, it usually refers to creating designs for objects with safety and efficiency in mind.

You’ve probably already heard about ergonomic keyboards and other computer peripherals which help keep you comfortable while you work, but why should ergonomic objects and furniture be something that you need to include within your office?

As there are more people working in office environments, the damage and injury that is caused by ill-supporting furniture and day-to-day movement and function are becoming more apparent.

Many companies are trying to combat this rise in injury by investing in a more ergonomic office refurbishment which collates all aspects of the office- from the furniture to the peripherals that their workers will use.

The Benefits of an Ergonomic Office

As we mentioned above, ergonomic design helps reduce the amount of discomfort of the user while helping them remain productive.

It helps promote wellbeing of staff and  if designed correctly, can perfectly evaluate the interaction between the person and their piece of technology while considering what demands will need to be met in order to make the interaction comfortable and easy.


Ergonomic design has helped reduce the amount of injuries that many people fall victim too while innocently doing their job. These can include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Eye strain
  • Muscle strain
  • Repetitive strain injuries.

They can also help people who have musculoskeletal disorders who may not be able to interact with their workstation as well if there was no extra support in place for them.

This not only keeps all your workers happy, but it will also discreetly encourage them to produce more work with very little extra effort on their part.

How Offices Can Be More Ergonomic

The majority of an office design can incorporate ergonomics, so there’s really no excuse not to include it within the initial design.

Desks, chairs – even the technology that you will be using within the office environment can be used or created in a way in which it will be both comfortable and efficient for the user.

Install chairs which promote the correct seated position and desks which provide support and invest in some ergonomic keyboards and mice for your staff to use.

If you are worried about your office workers and want to ensure that they have the very best ergonomic furniture and objects at their disposal, then don’t hesitate to contact the office design experts here at Officescape. We understand the increasing need for ergonomics in the workplace and our expert designers are on hand to help make it a reality in your office.

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