Whatever You Call Them, What Do Your Washrooms Say About Your Business?

Have you ever visited a company and used the washrooms and found them to be less than inviting? How did it change your perception of that company? Imagine the effect it has on their staff! It’s not just from a health perspective, although offices are the ideal environment for bacteria and germs, with people often working in close proximity to each other in confined areas, and viruses able to survive on hands for several hours, it can also affect productivity.

In a study by a Nursing Professor from St. Marks Hospital, London, 1 in 4 were put off by the condition of workplace restrooms, with almost 1 in 5 (18 %) saying there was not enough privacy.

Your staff views their working environment, including the restroom facilities, as a reflection of how much you value them, and that can be adversely impacting on your business.

In a Corporate Office, the Washrooms are a Big Factor in ‘Making a Company Statement’

When you really want to make a positive Corporate impact, the humble loo is the latest thing in image; it used to simply be about functionality but now it’s also about hygiene and design.

Touch-less technology has paved the way for washrooms requiring little or no hand contact with the facilities. Eco-friendly washrooms use such innovations as sensor taps and sensor flush cisterns, which help overcome the problem of passing bacteria via touch, and reduce water usage. Today’s washroom facilities are as important to a business as its reception, breakout areas and boardrooms.

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