Every day new office spaces are created and existing ones are re-energized. This revitalisation leads to a continual development and implementation of new ideas and technology that, in turn, leads to better business outcomes.

By opting for an activity-based design in the workplace, corporations create a variety of settings, each with a specific activity in mind – this also leads to a reduction in office space, since the number of single desks is reduced. This fact is especially important given that 66% of workspaces are unoccupied during working hours. 

What is Activity-Based Working?

This type of design differs from the hot-desking concept which is becoming more and more popular. Instead of placing employees in a single work station during several time periods, activity-based working allows people to choose the location set suitable to complete their tasks. This way, it’s the employees who choose where, how and when they work. This choice will depend on the time they arrive, the task they’re performing or even their co-workers.

Activity-based working includes the creation of virtual offices that enable employees to work anywhere or anytime, through new voice and video technologies, for example. By opting to implement this concept in your business, you can create the possibility of intense, focused work, as well as meeting rooms suited for formal or informal interaction, depending on the need.

Growing your Business

By removing fixed seat arrangements you offer your employees a flexible approach to work, as well as an option for a more active workplace, especially if they have to be deskbound most of the day.

And, by promoting a higher degree of creativity and an easier way to exchange ideas and, therefore, foster cooperation, your business will grow as a result of happier and more productive employees. More work flexibility can lead to a better balance between work and family, which brings on a higher level of satisfaction and a reduced sick time.

Opting for this concept also reduces the cost of creating more workspaces, as well as occupancy costs. For example, in London, the cost of a single desk can reach £14,000 every year. By reducing the number of fixed stations you can impact your business for the better.

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