Moving office is often a daunting and timely process. Many businesses underestimate just how much time they need to commit to the process and the effect it has on staff, finances and ultimately customers.

We get approached weekly by clients that require us to start on site in 4-6 weeks’ time. In very few cases this is achievable. It’s not just us – commercial property agents, building consultants and legal firms are often in the same predicament.

This puts you the client at a huge disadvantage. You’re now vulnerable, the clock is ticking and you’re having to weigh up the risks associated with leaving your current space in such a short space of time. It’s at this point irrational decisions can be made. Negotiations with your current and potential new landlord take time and careful consideration. The more time you have the better the outcome will be for your organisation.

Finding the right property and negotiating the right terms for your business can easily take 18 months.

A smart step by step relocation process can look like but is not limited to the following:

Consultancy – 3-6 weeks
Property Search – 3-9 months
Negotiations – 1-2 weeks
Legal Process – 8-12 weeks
Fit out – 8-12 weeks
Move – 1-4 weeks

*It’s important to remember everyone’s situation is different, these could be shorter or longer based on circumstance.

The only way to find the ultimate premises is by first taking the time to understand all of the perimeters, including but not limited to your companies people data (your DNA).

Do you have a Workplace Strategy?

A dynamic alignment of your people and their daily work task with your organisation’s aims and objectives. If you have this in focus – it’s possible to leverage this information within the design process, increasing performance, culture, productivity and reducing costs along the journey.
Having a workplace Strategy is key to success. Your strategy is completely unique to your organisation’s needs. Three components we need to understand in order assist you with your strategy successfully are your People, Place and Processes. Once you know your data you can make informed evidence-based decisions about which property is most suited to your needs.

In order to understand your data we look at the following:

Your Business & Growth Plan

What does your 5-10 year business plan look like? What is your recruitment plan? What capital is available to you to financial back your relocation?

People Demographic and Personality Types

Your people are your business! Finding a space that works for them should be a top priority. Knowing the demographic split and personality types within your office will allow you to find the right space for your business. In 5-10 year’s your millennials will be your senior managers and your most influential team members. Understanding this will allow you to future proof your investment.

Space Utilisation

Understanding how you currently utilise your office space, meeting rooms, collaboration spaces and break out areas will enable you to see simply via a heat map how under utilised your space is. Over 50% of UK businesses have an office that’s only 60% utilised. You don’t want to be leasing space that you aren’t going to use effectively.


With commute being the number one influencing factor for employees followed closely by accessibility to entertainment and leisure you need to choose a location with this in mind. Accessibility to great talent is also a very important factor in you having workplace strategy success.

Once you know your data – we will be able to produce a transparent picture of your companies needs and requirements in an evidence backed report. This will arm your property expert with a clear data backed search criteria for your new premises.

Give Yourself Time

No matter how much you plan, unexpected complications can happen. If you have time on your side and start the consultancy process 12-24 months before your lease break or renewal date you stand a great chance of finding the right space, for the right price at the perfect time for your organisation and people.

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