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A Message from Officescape

We hope you’re keeping well and staying as safe as possible during these difficult times. Here at Officescape we are trying our hardest to keep business as usual and maintaining normality best we can for our customers and everyone in our team.

We understand everyone is facing some difficult decisions at the moment but once this is all over hopefully balance will be restored and everyone can return to their regular routines.

Whilst we know you have other priorities right now, we want to be able to help when the time is right. Lease renewals and breaks are still happening around us and we know that many of our competitors aren’t able to help at this time. We want to offer you the support you need, safely and promptly.

If like many of our customers you see this as prime opportunity to get works completed and discuss projects please get in touch we will do our upmost to help.

Stay Safe, Stay Positive, Stay Active.

The Officescape Team

Officescape Are Here

Due to our stringent Site Operating Procedures (SOP), Officescape are still able to deliver projects to existing clients and have been able to take over unfinished projects for a number of organisations.

Our dedicated team operate to current Covid-19 SOP in line with the Department of Health guidelines. This ensures the safety and wellbeing of all on-site staff so that we can help our customers complete priority projects during this time.

For more information about how Officescape can help with your projects during this difficult time, contact one of the friendly staff at Officescape LLP on +44 1223 581 185 or

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