In order to offer the highest quality commercial interior design for your offices and business premises, we think that it’s important to stay on top of all the most interesting developments in the industry. One of the latest things that we’ve been getting excited about is the science of colour – how different shades and tones can have a real effect on both mood and productivity.

Knowing Your Colours

Do you see red as the colour of love and passion, or anger and rage? We all have our own opinions about what different colours symbolise, however the impact that they have on your brain is a lot more predictable. Researchers have found four distinct areas in which the human mind is affected by stimulation from colour, and each area can be matched to one specific colour: mind (blue), emotion (yellow), body (red), and balance (green).

Blue is often touted as the most productive colour, and if you work in an office then that’s probably accurate, since your number one priority is probably to stimulate the mind. A blue and green combo should be ideal for most office spaces, since the addition of the second colour has a calming effect that can stop workers becoming overwhelmed with the tasks of their day. Green is also a fantastic option for desktop backgrounds, as it puts less strain on the eye than any other colour.


Painting Tips

So now you know which colours to paint your office – but it doesn’t quite end there! As well as choosing shades, you also need to think about the intensity of the colours you’re using. In every case, brightness is one of the most important factors in determining whether your new paint job will have the desired effect, and brighter is always better.

It’s also important that you don’t go overboard, as covering every surface with bright shades of blue and green might be more distracting than helpful. White is an important colour because it adds to the appearance of space in the room, whilst simultaneously helping busy workers to relax and focus their thoughts. The best way to implement colour science in your office is with well-placed bright splashes, chosen based on the exact kind of productivity that you want to inspire.

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