Here at Officescape, we are well aware of how much the design of a workplace can affect the productivity of your co-workers, but it has recently been discovered through research by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) that office design plays an ever bigger role in the workplace; it determines the staff retention rate of the business too!

As one of the most reliable companies who provide commercial interior design in London, we’ve decided to delve into these findings and see what this means for office design up and down the country.

A Third of Offices Need Upgrading

According to the research conducted by RICS, around a third of employees(35%) involved that worked in small businesses confessed that they thought that the offices that they were working in could do with being upgraded.

More and more employees are realising the importance of the facilities that a workplace can offer, such as access to natural light, access to kitchen facilities and space to work away from their desk. The research has shown that these features are an influencing factor when it comes to job offers, with 93% of employees questioned reporting that the facilities that an office provides plays an important role in deciding which job offer to take.

Worker Retention

This notion is a pretty simple one to grasp; if your workforce is happy in their place of work, you are more likely to have a high staff retention rate. We’re willing to bet that if you didn’t like your office environment and it made you feel uninspired, you probably wouldn’t want to stay there very long.

You wouldn’t be alone. A huge 80% of employees involved in the RICS research have agreed and stated that their workplace impacts their wish to stay in their jobs, and  88% said that it had an effect on their job satisfaction.

Successful Business People Showing Thumbs Up.

With more industries looking hang on to their talented workforce, it’s pretty obvious (to us at least!) that businesses should be doing more to keep and recruit the most talented staff in their industry. Worker motivation and happiness is one of the biggest reasons that employees decide to leave their positions, especially if they feel underappreciated or like they don’t have access to the very best facilities in order for them to work effectively.

The first step to making your workforce happy is to provide them with the very best office environment to work in. If you are looking to upgrade your offices, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us here at Officescape. We do suggest that you have a chat with your colleagues and find out what facilities they believe would enhance their working environment beforehand so that we can help you by creating a completely bespoke office design for your workforce.

Our specialist team is on hand to deal with any enquiries you may have about our office design service, so don’t hesitate to give them a call by phoning 01553 811 833 today and they will be more than happy to help you.

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