Refurbishing your office design is not the end of the world, it’s the beginning of a more efficient and cost effective working environment. With a range of stylish, vibrant designs, sleek desks and inventive layouts, a refurbishment could be just what you need to create a more engaging and resourceful workplace.

It’s time, ladies and gentlemen, to stop your worrying, cease your fretting and breathe. Refurbishment is not a scary word, it’s refreshing.


It’s been proven that a happy workplace is a productive work place. How your office is designed will help with this; it may surprise you but it’s true.

There are many different reasons for renovating your office; perhaps you’ve seen great potential in a section currently being used to house filing cabinets, maybe you want to update your furniture or perhaps your reasons for refurbishing your office are simply for sustainability purposes. Either way, it’s a step forwards to saving – and creating – money for your business which you may not have realised you’re missing out on.

At Officescape we’ve come up with three key reasons as to why transforming your office into a resourceful and inspirational workplace could help with your business.



Coming up with a brand new office design can give you plenty of space to adapt to the contours of your office room. It can take that awkward corner in the very back and transform it into a functional storage space. Redesigning can improve the spaces between your desks, creating spacious and safe walkways for your employees to travel the office without tripping up. It can also de-clutter your desks, enabling you to move without fear of knocking stacks of papers over. Ultimately, with a more efficient work place you’re more likely to attract willing clients, after all one of the key reasons for them choosing your business above the rest is down to the atmosphere you create.

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It’s always a novelty having brand new technology at hand. It doesn’t matter whether it’s brand new to the digital market or simply an upgrade from your current hard drive; a new toy is a new toy and your office deserves the opportunity to integrate these new gadgets into your working life. It deserves to show off what you’ve invested in and boast about the beauty of your work place. Alternatively, you could refurbish your office to better accommodate the technology you already have, such as a safer containment for all of your wild cables and wires; additional plug sockets to avoid over loading the three your office currently has, or simply if your sockets are, currently, in an awkward place for work efficiency. If your office is old, the light fixtures may need replacing, which, if the individual problems are amended separately, could potentially become very costly. Refurbishing your office may help you cut back the costs and offer up a variety of lighting options to brighten up your workplace.

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For old office designs, maintaining their upkeep can become very costly. From light fixtures to computer wiring, window panels to drafty doorways, the very last thing you want is to waste your companies hard earned money on energy bills, especially when they are so easy to avoid. Though you may like your current office layout, sometimes – for practicality reasons – it’s best to readjust in order to save. We tailor our office designs to your own personal needs, so if you still want your desk facing a certain way, we can help you keep it just so.

Refurbishing your workplace is about generating you money, be that to increase workability or to cut back on your bills. If you would like to know how Officescape can do this for you, then call us today on +44 (0)1553 811 833.

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