Offices are supposed to be attractive environments to get those work juices flowing and inspire your entire workforce to be as productive as possible. As professionals in office design we know just how important the design of your office can be. Although it might seem like a mammoth task to get your office looking great for your workers, what if we told you there is one office design secret that minimizes the effort you need to put in?

In a word – plants

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Another Plant on the… Wall?

Plants are a great way to bring a little bit of the outdoors into your office, breaking up the monotony of the four walls that make up your office; everyone loves a bit of greenery in an office space. Not only do they help brighten up the environment in your office, there have been plenty of studies linking office plants with a boost in happiness and productivity, too. One of the most popular office additions that we provide is the plant wall; a wall of greenery which instantly brings a bit more life to the office space. It creates a massive statement piece in the office environment and is perfect for even the most corporate of offices while simultaneously promoting the company as environmentally friendly.

Make the Most of Natural Resources

These plant walls are a great way to bring nature into an urban office space where plants and natural resources are usually non-existent. Not only do they create a beautiful statement in the office, they also improve the quality of air – something that all businesses can benefit from. This clearer air will not only make your workforce feel better while they’re sat at their desks, but it will also help them feel more awake and therefore more productive (you may also see a decrease in sickness rates!). All of these benefits from simply incorporating a little more greenery into your office!

Plant walls have the added benefit of being a great way to reduce noise levels in the office. It’s a little known fact that plants have been used in a variety of different settings around the world as a noise level reducer, so if the noise level in your office is something that you’d like to combat without having to pay out for soundproofing, then we’d definitely recommend giving natures own sound barrier a try and install a plant wall in your office.

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