How You Can Get a Better ROI from Your Office Space

It was estimated in a recent study that £42 million pounds per annum is wasted unnecessarily in the UK simply due to the inefficient usage of office space. That’s a huge amount of money and, given what we find when we are called in to complete space planning and/or space consolidation, that figure could well prove to be a conservative estimate.

Space planning or space analysis is, quite simply, about making the most effective use of your available office space to achieve your objectives. The most efficient use of space, light, acoustics and furnishings can have a tremendously beneficial effect on your business.

Why does it matter?

Firstly, as many of our clients have found, when planned properly with a sound understanding of needs and objectives, a great deal of office space can often be freed up. Some very tangible advantages are then realized as more personnel can comfortably occupy the space – which could mean you don’t have to move premises. Not only do they now not have to move, they’re receiving an income by renting out an area of their building we were able to free up.

The free space could either be let, bringing you in an income if you own the premises, or you can reduce the square footage used by your organisation and pay less rent. Another distinct benefit, we’ve been told by clients, is that productivity, in many cases, increases, which again means additional income and increased profitability. Maximising your office space makes good economic sense.

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