The open office is a concept many workers today are familiar with- a wide open space for all the staff to dwell, interacting and co-existing alongside one another resulting in improvements in communication and collaboration. In terms of office interior design, an open office space is near enough a blank canvas, ready to be applied with the creative juices of your workforce.


The open office is designed to improve communication and collaboration amongst staff, meaning that you don’t get much in terms of privacy; this is why it’s incredibly important to personalise your space in the office. You want your space to be a reflection of you, you want to immediately recognise that space as yours and want everyone else to recognise it too. In basic terms, you want to mark your territory as well as create some boundaries.

While you might not have much space to call your own, decorate whatever space you do have so everyone knows that it’s yours. Stickers and little novelty items on your computer and desk can really brighten it up as well as giving it a personality. Perhaps you still have that lucky teddy bear from your childhood or that Furbee that still works after ten years- if you do, prop them up against that computer screen and let them soothe your stressful days with a sense of happy nostalgia.

You can also try having fun with your stationary; you don’t want the boring old normal pens and pencils everyone else has. You want the wacky alien pen that glows in the dark or the notebook covered in Owls not the dull book of A4 sheets that is only decorated with the words ‘writing pad’.
A less generic idea is to get yourself a whiteboard and pen to set up in your desk space, on which you can write, draw, doodle or even create yourself a beautifully unique calendar for all your upcoming tasks.

Whatever your office design needs, Officescape is here to help as we specialise in office interior design and can help with any of your design needs. For more information, contact Officescape today, online or at 01553 811 833, and benefit from our experience and professional know-how.

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