Offices can sometimes feel a bit like a soap opera – the only difference is, you play a starring role, watching all that drama unfold, and all those personalities interact up close. And just like in a soap, there are always certain characters confirming to type. In a soap opera, you’ll always find ‘Jack the Lad’, ‘Mother Hen’ and ‘Troubled Mum’; in office, you’re more likely to find the following guys and gals. But with a little office refurbishment and design, you can limit that drama and make that office a productive, creative hub…

The Grump

This employee has never been happy. If great ideas are thrown around by the other staff members, The Grump is going to shoot them down with a sarcastic comment or cynical remark. That’s what years in a dreary office will do to you. But there are steps to take to turn The Grump’s frown upside-down.

Natural lighting is guaranteed to brighten even the grumpiest of Grump’s day.


The Gossip

Want to know a secret? Well, so does The Gossip – in fact, they’ll probably already know it, and tell everyone they meet, whether employees want to know it or not. The real problem here is that The Gossip is easily preoccupied, rather than focussing on their work.

Installing workplace screens will improve The Gossip’s concentration levels and minimise distractions.

The Egotist

Sure, they’ve never quite made it to the top, but man, they’ll keep trying. Licking the right boots and pointing out errors you haven’t made (even if they think you have). The Egotist is certainly no team player – after all, that takes the spotlight off of them.

Seat The Egotist at a desk just like everyone else, no special treatment. Even Mark Zuckerberg sits at a normal desk, just like the rest of his employees!

The Scaredy-Cat

If The Scaredy-Cat has ever said boo to a goose, it was only by mistake, and they’re really-really-really sorry, and… There’s probably a billion great thoughts swimming inside The Scaredy-Cat’s head – they’re just too afraid to voice them.

Give them a confidence boost with close or partially closed mobile office pods, and watch them flourish.

The Workaholic

If The Workaholic isn’t at their desk, it’s probably a sign of the apocalypse, because these employees NEVER stop. And that’s great, from a productivity point of view. Chances are, though, they’ll burn out pretty quick (Or worse, turn into The Grump).

Relaxed breakout rooms are a way of giving staff a well-deserved break, or providing inspiration for work away from the desk.

The Hypochondriac

If there’s a bug going ‘round, The Hypochondriac has it – and it’ll be a hundred times worse than your pitiful cough or cold. Chances are, though, there’s nothing wrong with them, and they just want a day off.

Give The Hypochondriac a reason to get up in the morning. Creative office furniture and designs should do the trick.

The Rock Star

No-one is as cool as The Rock Star, so don’t even try. These guys hate being told what to do, and how to do it – but for all that, they’re usually the first ones to come up with creative ideas for your projects. They just need a little focus in harnessing them.

Project tables are an awesomely informal way of having meetings without stifling The Rock Star’s creativity, man. Peace out, etc.

The Hiker

‘Has anyone seen… Oh, wait. They’re away from their desk. Again.’ You’ll probably see The Hiker once a day, at best. The rest of the time, they’ll be roaming the office and having super-serious conversations with anyone they pass.

The Hiker’s uncomfortable staying in one place for too long. But ergonomic office chairs are a fine way of keeping The Hiker in their place.

The Stresser

The Stresser has had precisely zero calm moments in their life. If they’re at home, they’re worrying about whether or not their doorbell works; at work they’ll be shaking in their chair, having a chronic meltdown over that TPS report.

A calm and soothing atmosphere with your office design is the only way to chill The Stresser out.

The Everyman (or Woman)

Hey, you probably know the everyman or woman – because you probably are the everyman or woman. You’re normal, balanced, work hard, and always get the job done. Well played! You’re an asset to the team and the company.

The Everymen and Women need love too. Show ‘em you care with a cool, creative, pleasant and productive office that makes them glad they work for you.

Creating an office that everyone can enjoy won’t just transform the workplace, but also transform the work-ethic. And that’s where we can lend a hand, with our expert office designs. Think we can help shake off the stereotypes? Contact our team on 01553 811 833 and we’ll be delighted to help.

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