Office paint colors.



Bring a Fresh Coat to Office Life

There are few things that transform a room or space as much as a fresh coat of paint.

In particular, freshening things up with new colours and combinations in your workplace can truly bring a new lease of life not only for the space itself but for the people in it!

But choosing paint colours isn’t quite as simple as just choosing what you like – certain colours are known to have either positive or negative effects on people’s mood, and therefore productivity. So you need to choose wisely!


Colour psychologist Angela Wright, who developed the Colour Affects System and wrote the Wright Theory in which she studied colours and their effect on mood and behaviour, gives us the following valuable insights:



Using hues of blue is shown to improve focus particularly for employees in repetitive industries, for example accounting firms. Her studies showed improved concentration, focus and productivity.



This primary colour most often signifies urgency and is suitable for physical jobs such as construction, where its use stimulates energy levels.



This bright colour stimulates creativity, and evokes feelings of happiness, lightness and positivity. If your business is in the creative industry such as design or marketing, this could be ideal for you.



A calming colour, hues of green are ideal for spaces that require balance, calmness and reassurance. From the financial sector through to healthcare, hues of green are a good option.


Mix ’n Match

Try combinations of primary colours as accent walls, with neutral combinations such as off-white, shades of grey or lighter/darker shades of primary colours to add depth and contrast.


Make sure to accessorise accordingly, and bring extra colour and texture in with plants and art, and you should be all set to raise the mood and productivity no matter what your space is being used for!


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