When you are considering your new office fit out, it is important that your employees are at the forefront of your mind. You must think about what they would enjoy, what would allow them to be more productive and what would boost efficiency.

Every employee is different, but by learning how they work and incorporating this into your office design, you can help to make your office re-fit go further. Here, we are going to show you just some of the office design strategies that you can use to help make your employees smile.

Customising Spaces for Those Who Work in Them

The most important thing you must consider when redesigning your office is that the spaces you’re creating are tailored to suit those working in them.

Think about how each team within your company needs to work. Do they need to be in constant communication and have easy access to meeting areas? Do they need to be on a computer all day or would a ‘hot desking’ system be more efficient? Is there anything that you could introduce to help them be more efficient?

The next step of the process would be to talk to your employees and see what they would like. Would they like their space to be more creative? Do they require privacy while they are working or should they be able to chat to their colleagues when working on projects? By involving your employees in the design process, you can help them feel more excited about the new design and that their opinion can make a difference, as well as ensuring that their work environment is as well-suited to them as possible.

Glass and the Great Outdoors

Working in an office all day can make employees feel enclosed, tired and unmotivated. However, by trying to expose your office to as much natural light as possible, and give your employees the ability to look up at a view and refresh themselves before getting back to work.

Ensuring your office space receives more natural light will help to keep your employees awake and motivated, as well as stimulating creativity and helping them to come up with new, innovative ideas simply from looking at the outside world.

Many companies are tempted to place enclosed offices around the outside of any office space, however it is often best to place these spaces towards the centre and leave windows unobstructed; maintaining a pleasant work environment for everyone.
Group of Business People Working on an Office Desk

Comfortable Communal Areas

The office isn’t just about working, and by making sure your employees have a comfortable space to relax and unwind in on their breaks, you can ensure that they will be fully rested and as productive as possible when they return to their desk.

Create a relaxing area with plenty of tea and coffee where your employees can eat and socialise with their colleagues, allowing them to build positive relationships with one another that will benefit them when they go back to work.

These communal areas don’t only have to be for downtime; they can also easily be used for meetings and discussing projects. Giving your employees an appropriate meeting area will save them struggling to meet up and losing precious time trying to find a suitable meeting room.

By implementing these simple strategies into your office design, you can ensure that all of your employees are happy about the remodel and will be able to get the most out of their new office space, helping to boost productivity and employee morale in the long run.

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