As a company who specialises in office interior design, we know what an important part the design and layout of an office can play on the creativity and productivity of all office workers. No one wants to work in an office that lacks character and colour – a well designed and colourful office will not only make them want to come to work, it will also boost the amount of work they get done within a day.

Did you know that it’s also a really good idea for your office design to match and reflect your company brand? This is because your office reflects your business and you don’t want people thinking you’re uncreative and boring right?

Read on for some of our ideas on how you can make sure that your office design and layout says positive things about your business.

Organised Office

When you have clients visiting your office, you want your office space to reflect your business as a whole. If they come in and you have papers and files sitting everywhere and anywhere – this is not giving them a positive message. If your office looks unorganised and untidy, they’re likely to think that your company must also be these things.

Keeping your office tidy and organised will give clients and potential clients the message that you are a good company to work with.


Use Your Company Colour Scheme

If your company has a website or a logo, it’s a good idea to match your office design to the colours that are used on there. If your logo is black and white – choose black and white furniture and decorations. Using the colours from your logo for your office design (we’re thinking paint on the walls, colour of chairs), provides a cohesive message to those visiting that this is your company, and not just any old office.

Branding your office is not just about having your logo displayed everywhere, or about having branded stationary – it’s about giving your office some life. Having a colourful office that represents your company, will also give it some personality.

Interior Design

Get Creative

You should be as creative as possible when designing your office, as this will stimulate creativity within your team. You also want a company that is both open and airy, as this seems a lot more welcoming than a dark and crowded office. You should ask your employees for ideas, as it’s them that will be spending every day in there! Having a creative looking office, will let potential clients know that you are a modern company who is willing to think outside the box.

However, you should make sure to match the design to the type of company that you are. A digital marketing company that is a modern hub of creative writing and internet based work is far more likely to have a bright, colourful and ultra modern office design than the office of a dentist or small traditional company. Whilst it should always be welcoming, the most important thing is matching the design to what you want your customers and clients to think about you.

Has this post inspired you to make a change in your office? If you are looking to redesign your office space to reflect your company brand – OfficeScape would love to help you out.

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