Successful office design depends upon so many different things. We spent a little time in our last blog covering a few of the factors that make a difference in terms of office productivity, but of course there is more to an office than just squeezing as many work-hours out of your employees as you can. You want an office where people want to spend time, somewhere that ideas are easily born, or somewhere where needs are met. Read on to learn some of the key considerations…

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Making Space

We used it as the title of our last blog, but we make no apology for bringing it back for an encore. Light and space are the basis of any happy office, and you can never have too much of either. Once again, it’s worth saying that maximising your natural light is always for the best, as it operates on the widest possible spectrum, meaning that eyes don’t need to be strained as much. Space goes hand in hand in with light, and you need to strike the balance between leaving enough room for employees to move around freely, yet also preventing a ‘cavernous atmosphere’ which stifles all interaction and kills “the buzz”. It’s not always easy to find the middle ground, but it’s always worth the time.

Changing Scenery

This is something we haven’t covered before, but it’s an important topic. As we said, your office isn’t just about productivity; you need “break-out” spaces too. Everyone needs a break from work, and taking time out when you’re sat in the same old formal environment that you’re used to isn’t going to cut it. Rest, chill-out or lounge areas are vital, as they remove the natural communication barriers that are going to exist in any workplace. A change of scenery also helps people to be creative too.

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Stamp Your Brand

Here’s another thing we haven’t talked about. If your office is sterile and bland, with whitewashed walls and very little else, then nobody is really going to be enthused about being there. After all, such a place could be literally anybody’s workplace. Branding an office is a very important part of the design, as it gives your business an identity, which reminds employees of who they are, and what the whole point of your venture is. It also speaks to clients who visit your workplace too, which is a whole area of office design to discuss in of itself. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that branding is “corporate” either. It certainly can be, but it can also help to inject a bit of personality into an office.

Supporting Styles

A hard part of office design is catering to different needs. Some people love to work in a bustling and busy environment; others need plenty of peace and quiet to really settle in properly. Because of that, an office that incorporates a few different styles is a wise direction to take, as that way people with diverse preferences will all stand a chance of being content. It’s this personal touch that makes the biggest difference, and that’s something that the team at Officescape is proud to offer.

When it comes to innovative and creative office design in London and the surrounding areas, you’ll find that our professional team takes some beating, and one of our strengths is that we’ll treat your requirements as entirely individual needs; we won’t use a one-size-fits-all approach. To find out how to give your office the redesign it really needs today, please feel free to contact our professional team by calling +44 (0)1553 811 833.

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