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If this is the year you are considering an office move, it is important to make the right decisions. It should be a time for excitement and positive action not stress and anxiety, an experienced company makes the difference.


Moving to a new office is a tremendous opportunity to look at the processes in your office and to optimise operations and work flow. By doing this, you may find you need less space for the existing workforce or you can get more people in your existing space. Work space optimisation is part of the service we offer and we can spend time in your office getting to know your processes and requirements thus calculating the space required, taking in to account anticipated growth.

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Whether buying or leasing, suitability and location is the most important factor for a new building and a fit out company can be a useful inclusion in the decision making process before the final choice is made. Our experience of design often gives an insight into what is possible with a particular building beyond what you might see and we can give a budget for redesign and fit out at this stage.   There are so many things to consider, from telephony, coat hooks, cabling and lighting to washrooms, tea points, energy performance and lighting.

New or Redesign

It may be possible to use some of your existing furniture or you may decide to have a complete fresh start. How will the move be carried out if retaining existing furniture? We can help with responsible disposal of both waste and redundant furniture, charities are always grateful for serviceable furniture.   By us taking care of the full fit out project, you can be sure it is carried out correctly and on time without you having to be chasing different contractors. That’s one less headache!

Box used in office moves


When it comes to move time, it is important to have the trust in the company carrying out the move. Might it be necessary to carry it out over a weekend? Our experience will help. How many move boxes, pallets or lorries are required.

If you’re thinking about moving in the next two years, call us on 01553 811833 or email us and see what we can do for you and get your no obligation consultation.

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