One of the biggest office trends this year is the multi-purpose workspace; creating different zones within one room to encourage higher levels of productivity through a stylish space. This style of workplace boasts a combination of useful and comfortable aesthetics that makes it an increasingly popular choice.

What is a Multi-Purpose Workspace?

A multi-purpose workspace is what it says on the tin; a workplace that caters to an array of tasks. Whether that’s allowing a presentation area in the same open plan space as workbenches, or having a coffee zone in the corner, it encourages employees to use their time more effectively.

How to Make the Most of Your Space

When it comes to space planning, ensure that you’re making use of your square footage effectively. This could be something as simple as creating an open-plan workplace that is divided into zones rather than having different rooms.

Allowing people the opportunity to work on different projects within the same room will encourage more creative ideas as employees become more confident in their environment. Furthermore, catering to different demographics and styles of working will allow people to choose where they work best and who they work best with, giving them increased job satisfaction.

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Multi-Purpose Workspace Inspiration

The key with a multi-purpose workspace is to think about how employees will use the office that you’re providing them with. This means considering different styles of seating, desks and technology that will be of use to them while clearly signposting the various areas.

  • Seating – consider pods, couches, secluded seating and standard office chairs to allow people to work in the environment that they feel most comfortable in
  • Tables – mix workbenches, desks and smaller tables to allow people to move from their computer to a place that is suitable for a meeting
  • Decor – keeping the multi-purpose workplace free from clutter is essential to encourage employees to move between areas. Therefore, stick to interesting decor on the walls and floors rather than permanent fixtures on areas for working
  • Technology – giving people the option to work on laptop, desktop or tablet will encourage employees to think outside of the box when they are strategising. Other technology that will be popular with your staff includes a coffee machine

The key with a multi-purpose workspace is to meet the individual needs of each member of your staff, and that’s why personalising your office is so vital. If you require an office fit out in London, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our experienced team.

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