By now you may have put up your corporate Christmas tree and are feeling more festive than ever! As the year draws to a close, we just wanted to take this opportunity to wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year as a thank you for your continued custom.

At the top of our list of priorities at Officescape is to ensure that we provide you with a new and improved office design to improve your business’ productivity and creativity, and we hope that we’ve helped you get what you wished for!

During the Christmas period, it’s more than likely that you’ve felt some positive energy coming from your staff members which has made the office a more pleasant place to be in the last few weeks. But why does this have to be reserved for December?

If you want this kind of optimism all year round then there are a few ways you can implement this change in, and around the office.

New Year, New Look

Refurbishing your office space doesn’t mean making excessive changes. A splash of colour can often make the world of difference, either on the walls or with your furniture. If your office is particularly plain, make it a more bright and attractive place to be.

Coloured carpeted floors also inspire a fun and friendly atmosphere which also maximises on comfort. Installing carpets can contribute towards the insulation of the office, which means happier staff now that they don’t have cold fingers and toes.

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Feng Shui

It may be a New Year’s resolution for you to renovate your space for the upcoming year, as a new layout can sometimes mean a new work ethic for your staff. Coming into work every day and looking at the same office scene can soon become dull and uninspiring, so why not switch it up with a few feng shui tips and tricks?

Simple additions such as office plants to improve the quality of the air or the investment of an air purifier could boost people’s energy levels.

If it’s possible, having desks that enable people to sit with their backs facing the wall is also allegedly a way to create a strong feng shui supportive protection. Also, making sure people aren’t facing doorways whilst they are working as they will be sitting in a path of ‘negative energy’ – and probably getting distracted every time someone walks past!

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Office Incentives

Another, perhaps more simple way to boost staff morale would be to introduce incentives for all the good work they’ve been doing. This is something that is saved solely for Christmas as an ‘end of the year’ treat, but rewarding staff more frequently will keep positivity at a more consistent level the whole year through! This can be anything from bringing cupcakes into the office to a round of drinks on a Friday night out of office hours.

So to keep the Christmas feeling, bring the New Year in with a business boom by utilising our range of services to suit your furnishing fancies. If you would like more information on the products we provide then don’t hesitate to contact us today at 01553 811 833 or check up on us on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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