You probably spend more time at your desk than you do in the comfort of your own home. But why shouldn’t you be able to look forward to spending your working day in the office? Do office environments really need to be unappealing and uncomfortable?

With our 5 simple office refurbishment tips, you can transform your work space to replicate the comforts of home!

Encouraging Aesthetics

Surround yourself with furnishings and objects that encourage you rather than distract you. Creating a harmony in your workplace is the first step to feeling more comfortable while you work.

Adding personal touches such as personal pictures or cushions to your chair add a sense of home to the environment, and will in turn make you feel more relaxed.


Keep It Clean

Having rubbish lying around can create a distraction. It can also hinder your work flow if you are unable to locate something under a pile of irrelevant junk.

Keep your work area clean and tidy. Polish your desk every morning and night so that you are able to start a fresh every day. You will start in a better mood and will be more productive in the long run!


Create a System and Stick to It

Keeping organised helps you in all aspects of your life. Planning and sticking to schedules allows you to keep on track and know where you are in the midst of what can seem like a never ending mad rush.

Create a routine of checking emails or getting certain work done by a certain point in order to make sure you are being as productive as possible.

Introducing systems to help with your daily tasks greatly reduces anxiety and clutter in your work place and makes you feel more relaxed.

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Nourish your Creativity…Literally!

We have talked a lot about getting employees to be more productive, and one of the best ways to help kick your brain into gear is eating right.

Create your own little snack box full of your favourite healthy food items, and store it in an easily accessible place. Just knowing you have a treat will help you unwind and feel more at home, and even boost your productivity!

If you are able to, try putting your favourite music on to elevate your mood, too!

Natural Elements

We have mentioned in a previous blog that incorporating natural elements boosts the productivity of people in an office environment. Using natural light to your advantage, or experimenting with unusual lighting options will change the way you look at your office environment for the better.

Incorporating plants will also bring a bit of character to the room as well as make it look and feel as fresh as the outdoors.
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We hope that we’ve been able to persuade you that your office doesn’t have to be a place of bland boring workspaces which make you beg for home time to come around!

At Officescape, we’re passionate about all things office design. We’re available to help you feel more at home in the office with our outstanding office design services that cater to your specific needs and requirements.

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