New Build Light Raft

This is the first stage of a phased, prestigious project in Cambridge but could go anywhere and be larger or smaller. It is due to be fitted with graphics and we will post pictures up of the finished project in due course. As can be seen, we have now completed and the finished article looks fantastic. Inside the raft is a desk and chairs  allowing small meetings with a modicum of privacy.

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  • Light rafts or Bulkheads are constructed using a metal framework with a plasterboard finish. Like partitions, they are finished with the dry lining method or constructed with timber battens and clad in MDF.
  • Pre-fabricated off site for quick installation.
  • They can be used to encase structural steel or services or merely for aesthetic purposes to enhance the appeal of a particular project.
  • A typical installation would use LED lighting behind an upstand around the edge to generate a halo or glow. This can be white or coloured.
  • Bespoke design with an unlimited aesthetic versatility within the raft or bulkhead design, meaning digital graphics can bring corporate colours and branding to match throughout the interior.

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