It’s probably a given that a digital based company as huge as Facebook has a pretty impressive office, and we weren’t wrong!

In their new offices in South Beach, Singapore, the social media giant has created an office design masterpiece. With huge whiteboard walls to peripheral filled vending machines that don’t cost the user a thing, we were pretty impressed with what we saw!

So, what can we learn from the innovative, ultra-modern Facebook offices with regards to the office environment?

Staying Connected is Important

We think that it’s incredibly fitting that the Facebook offices have a literal Facebook wall for employees to write on and stay connected. After all, that’s the reason Facebook exists, right? To keep us connected with our friends and family (and now celebrities) online.

This concept can be easily extended into the workplace, where communication and connecting with co-workers is incredibly important. Without communication and connections, a business can quite easily become unproductive and disorganised.


Brain Food is Important

Have you ever found yourself sat in the office dwelling on the fact that it’s nowhere near lunchtime and you’ve forgotten your lunch at home? If you’re lucky enough to be an employee at Facebook, this is something you don’t ever need to worry about.

With mini kitchens known as mircrokitchens dotted around the building which are fully stocked with a variety of snack food for employees to grab a quick pick-me-up whenever they need it.

Hungry employees usually equal an unproductive team, so it’s important that offices understand the need for breaks where their employees are free to leave their desks and grab a snack or a drink when they need it.

This is why it is important to think about designating an area of your office to creating a kitchen or cafeteria which allows employees to refuel and refresh themselves before heading back to their work.

Smiling man using tablet with creative team working behind in modern office

Motivation is Key

The section that really got us thinking here at Officescape was the motivational wall that the offices boast. Employees are encouraged to write and display their very own motivational posters on a designated wall, so that others in the company can see them and hopefully feel more motivated about their work.

Motivated employees are productive employees, and this motivational wall idea is something that can be easily translated into a variety of office sizes and environments- everyone needs a little motivation every now and then!

It just goes to show that even a huge company like Facebook still values the logistics of a good, healthy office environment. If you are looking for a new office fit out to create a motivational, appealing office for your business, then feel free to contact us here at Officescape by calling  01553 811833 and have a chat to one of our expert tem members today.

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