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A recent study by KnowYourMoney.co.uk has highlighted a growing trend in working habits for employees in the UK – a desire to improve work-life balance through flexible working hours.


The study revealed that 71% of people consider flexible working hours as key to job satisfaction and general well-being, with one in three full-time employees having left jobs they were in to seek opportunities offering them more flexibility.


And whilst many businesses have yet to adopt a strategy that accommodates this for their employees, those businesses that have met the trend head on – and consequently generally enjoy lower staff turnover and higher productivity – do face another challenge…

One of the knock-on effects of flexible working conditions is that for significant periods during a working week, desks that were once fully occupied all day, every day now stand empty on average 3 days a week.


Real estate costs have, however, not decreased, meaning that businesses may often now be paying for space that is not being used. Effectively, businesses could save around 30% on their rental costs whilst enhancing productivity and staff well-being – a real win-win if it’s strategically-planned and rolled out.


There are elements to consider, including:

  • Working out a schedule that allows you to reduce office size and number of desks without risking periodic ‘traffic jams’.
  • Re-working your new space to accommodate the new approach without compromising on your business’s specific requirements – for example, what private and open spaces will you still require, and will ‘hot-desking’ work for your business?
  • Maintaining the in-office spaces such as kitchens and relaxation areas that are also important for employee satisfaction.


If your business is considering down-sizing in footprint to use less space more effectively, get in touch with Officescape – we want to help organisations save money whilst improving well-being and productivity.


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