There are a huge number of factors which play into the decisions that we make when working on office interior design in London – the working habits of employees, the different furniture which will be needed and the ergonomics of our designs, for instance – but one thing which people don’t often realise has had an enormous effect on how offices function in the 21st Century is the widespread use of the laptop.

However, for those of us in the business of designing the office areas that really get people motivated, the decision of many to switch their big PCs for a more streamlined alternative has lead to both interesting challenges and new design needs. Here are a few ways that the laptop itself has helped to change the way we design our office fit outs:

The Roaming Employee

When you compare the laptop to d the desktop PC there is one difference which becomes apparent immediately – the portability. A laptop can be taken from desk to desk, so employees can easily do something commonly known as hot seating, which means moving around and is a fantastic technique for those who want to focus on keeping the brain refreshed.

The laptop makes this more possible than ever before, which is fantastic news for employees because it allows for more exercise and more opportunities to take that quick breather which is so essential if you want to stay on task. However the traditional office isn’t necessarily the best environment for this type of roaming workforce, as the classic individual desk makes for quite a rigid structure.

Taking a more open approach with larger tables, break out spaces, pods and plenty of plug points means that employees can simply set down their laptop wherever feels most comfortable.

Designer modern home office desk with laptop and equipment

Different Ergonomics

The phenomenon of the roaming employee affects the layout of the entire office, but on a smaller scale the individual pieces of furniture also need to be chosen with the use of a laptop in mind. This is because the position of the screen will be lower and closer to an employee’s eyes, which affects what will be the most comfortable and also the healthiest.

Table or desk height and the type of seating used can both need to be altered in order to accommodate these factors, so knowing whether employees will be using laptops or desktops has a huge impact on furniture choice.

When it comes to office design every little detail really does count, ad if you want to make sure that your company is in the hands of people who understand that then you can always come to Officescape! We are always available to chat about your office needs, so contact us today – online, at 01553 811 833 or over our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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