We’re always talking about how the workplace is constantly evolving, especially as office trends change and technology advances at an alarming rate.

However, many of these advancements are to enhance the look and structure of the office space rather than improve the happiness of the staff that are working there. While we understand that there is an underlying need for an attractive, space conscious workplace, isn’t it more important that the staff are comfortable and happy too?

How Can We Change the Vision of the Workplace?

In the future, we want workplaces to be somewhere that staff enjoy spending their time while making a living, not dreading. The only way in which we can do this is to change the stigma that still surrounds the office – that it’s strictly for business.

This might seem like a counter-intuitive statement, so let us explain; although your office is somewhere that you go to earn a living and do the work that you’re paid to do, it’s also the environment that you will be spending most of your days in – more than you do in your own home (while you’re awake to appreciate it, that is!)

It seems like the future of the workplace needs to understand this; that staff want to feel comfortable while they work, and actually have have fun in their workplace. We’re not talking installing slides or other grand statement pieces; the little things count, too!

Office Artwork

Look At How Your Staff Work

In order to inject a little fun and comfort into the workplace, you have to start right at the bottom by determining what your employees’ positions involve and highlighting small ways in which you can make it more fun for them to be in the office.

This could be targeting those who are more often than not in meetings with clients, customers, or even other employees and sprucing up the meeting area so it can be customised or adapted depending on the nature of the meeting. Think unique white boards, magnetised boards which have magnets made into symbols which reflect the services or icons that represent what you do as a company.

You could even create a desk system where it encourages employees to swap seats every so often so that they can see the office from a different angle if they want to. Of course, this will all depend on whether your employees would want this; many people prefer having a desk to call their own, so make sure you check that’s what you want before you implement a system like that. It is for their benefit, after all!

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