When it comes to your office breaks, what do you look forward to the most? Ducking outside for a breath of fresh air, sneaking a snack from your work bag, or racing down to the staff kitchen before you’re stuck in a queue for the kettle?

It’s hard going sitting at your desk all day and then not being able to take your time making that all important cup of tea. What if all you, or your employees, need is a little pick-me-up? A small healthy dose of caffeine to get you through that last stretch of your day, or to wake you up first thing in the morning? We mean the kettle’s great, it’s one of our favourite kitchen utensils in our homes, saving us time waiting for pan water to boil and sorting out all of our little family spats with yummy hot drinks, but at work?
At work you want something more instant, something that is as efficient and reliable as your business, something like a hot tap.

When it comes to renovating and refurbishing your office design, including a hot water tap can save you a lot of time later on in your installation process. We use the fantastic Billi water systems when installing hot taps into your office, as their advanced, energy efficient boiling technology ensures you get the hottest water at the quickest rates.

Think about that! No more waiting in line for the kettle, no more work time wasted as your employees pile into the staff kitchen, taking it in turns to mount up your energy bills by boiling water in the kettle three to four times a day!

Time in business

You can fit so much more into your staff kitchen by removing your kettle as well; now the work space you reserved solely for the hulking plastic device can now be free to hold any number of kitchen items, it could even free up more space for you to rework your kitchen layout, transforming your kitchen into an efficient snack zone or drinks corner without having to worry about where to put your kettle.


The sky is the limit, and, because we specialise in office design, you can be sure that your taps will carry on the slick, sophisticated and professional look the rest of your office portrays. A tap may seem like a small change to your office design, but honestly the benefits from fitting this energy efficient, time saving feature are endless. Don’t believe us? Contact our friendly team today on +44 (0)1553 811 833 and we’ll answer any bursting questions you have on the benefits of hot taps in your work place as part of your office refurbishment.

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