We’ve all dreamt of how much easier our lives would be if we worked from home, but is it all its really cracked up to be?

As a leading provider of office and commercial interior design, we decided to pit the home office environment and the corporate work environment against each other and find out which came out on top!

The Home Office

You may think that having your office in your home would allow you to get on with your work without interruption and give you more relaxation time.

While this can be true, will you really be able to fully relax in the rest of your home, knowing that work is mere metres away? And what about those cosy employee chats around the water cooler?

However, many people enjoy the blissful atmosphere that an office in their home brings. You can work at your own pace and some people just seem to thrive in a completely private, less corporate feeling environment.

Home offices also give parents some much essential time with their children, something that corporate environments can make extremely difficult to do Balancing home and work life is essential to some people, especially those with small children and a home office is a great solution.


The Corporate Working Environment

Although working at home does have its benefits, the corporate environment is preferred my many people.

Some prefer to have some form of routine and discipline when it comes to their work, and feel that going into a completely separate place allows them to be more productive while easily switching off from their work environment when they leave the building.

It is also important form many people to have instantaneous access to their co-workers for collaboration purposes. This is more possible when in a corporate office environment where a person can physically visit another rather than having to exchange multiple emails and phone calls.


So, Which Is Better?

Ultimately, it all depends on the individual and which situation suits their working style and requirements. Both have their benefits and drawbacks, but it is up to each individual worker to be able to adapt and change their working habits if need be.

Flexible working is a great way to accommodate both those who prefer working in a more corporate, structured environment as well as those who are more productive in their own home. Allowing employees the choice will allow a business to become more productive, as well as conserving space which would otherwise be taken up by staff who aren’t suited to being as productive in a corporate environment.

Here at Officescape, we understand that not everyone works well in a bland, corporate environment. That’s why we are on hand to create an attractive office space for your business to help motivate your staff and keep them productive while they work. Want to find out more about how we can help your business? Don’t hesitate to get  in touch with our team today on 01553 811833 and we will be more than happy to discuss your options with you.

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