When you’re looking to refurbish your office, have you considered including a breakroom or leisure facility? Being specialists in office fit out services we know just how important it is to have a break from the computer every once in a while. In fact, we know just how paramount it is for both your health and your concentration. Did you know that, according to the nidirect gov article on Safe Computer Use, it’s advisable to take breaks little and often rather than longer breaks once or twice a day? This is to allow both your eyes, brain and your fingers time to rest and recuperate after the good hour or two you have sat staring at your computer screen.

We’ve mentioned before how a happy employee makes for a happy company, and it’s true! So, when allowing your employees their much-needed breaks, how can you make their spaces fun, quirky and inviting without taking up your office space? Never fear, we’re here to help!

Where to Put Your Breakroom

If you don’t already have a break or staffroom, where do you go for your breaks? Outside in the pouring rain or across the street for a very quick three minutes in the cafe opposite your offices? The fact is that you have no need to leave the building unless you really want to. If you’re worried about how much space you have in your office, you can breathe easy; we’re experts in making the most out of your floor space. That tiny, awkward section of wall between the door and window where you can barely fit a workable desk in, yeah we’ve got you covered. How about the back room you’ve managed to cram those two chairs into, does it seem a little stuffy in there? We thought so. Our friendly, family-run business uses the very best in design technology to optimise the spaces in your office to create the brightest, most spacious rooms around with as little disruption to your company and employees as possible.


How Do We Achieve This?

It’s a noted fact that a bright room is an uplifting room, and on your employees’ breaks, they’re going to need a little bit of an uplift before getting back to the grindstone. White wash walls are always great in this aspect, so too are uplifting lightshades. Of course, you don’t want your entire chill-out zone to resemble a hospital ward, strategically placed splashes of colour create a visually stimulating decor that’s both bright, and fun to spend your time in. We always work with you when outfitting your office, so you get the final say on our designs and layouts.

It’s not just colour either: the right furniture, even in that tiny backroom, can create a relaxing, quirky environment to take a break in. From stools and wall tables, to beanbags and sofas, you’d be surprised at just what furnishings we can offer your breakroom.


What’s Your Breakroom?

To make the most out of your employees break, why not look into getting a specific type of breakroom? A more social space where your employees can really get to know one another and take their minds off of the computer for fifteen minutes. A social space, as school-like as it sounds, allows your employees to socialise with one another, forming healthy friendships and allowing them to treat your company as more of a family than a rigid work place. Including a pool or foosball table, or a simple TV screen attached to the wall, can allow for a more relaxed atmosphere. How about a snack bar or a simple kitchen space to help them curb their cravings? The choice is completely yours.


What About the Leg Work?

It may sometimes seem like too much hard work getting an office fit-out; we can assure you, with us, it’s anything but. Being dedicated to providing you with a customer service that will ‘WOW’ you as much as our work, we do all the leg work for you. We’ll happily speak with the relevant legal and legislative bodies such as HSE and the planning authorities so you can carry on running your business without any hassle.


Sound too good to be true? Call us today on 01553 811 833 to see for yourselves just what kinds of office fit out services we can provide to help your business take a break every once in a while.

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