There are few truer statements than ‘you only get one chance to make a first impression’.

This is particularly applicable when it comes to office design and giving your visitors that immediate ‘wow!’ feeling when they walk in – a drab, cluttered or poorly laid out space can really start you off on the back foot!

Luckily, there really is a variety of ways you can set your reception up to excite your visitors, and generate the right first impression for your business.

Here are some top tips from our team at Officescape:

Be big on your brand

Your brand identity is integral to your business’s consumer-facing success – your logo, brand colours, famous mascot or other visual identifiers are what visitors first recognize. Make use of this by being bold in your reception. Leave your visitors in no doubt that they’ve arrived at the right place, and that this is an office of innovation and brand-pride.

You can stamp your brand in a number of different ways – think flooring, walls, paint colours, lighting and furniture…all of these are places where you can be innovative to bring your brand to the fore.

Don’t skimp on furniture

We all remember what it was like to sit in a doctor’s surgery waiting room as kids – think cheap plastic chairs or sofas with hard, thin, square arms and backrests that were too upright…

When your guests arrive, they may well need to sit and wait for a moment while you’re called – give them the best experience by making seating sophisticated, comfortable and spacious.

Soften the space with well-chosen accessories, and use the opportunity to customize these to fit your brand.

Less is more…

There are few things that give the wrong impression more effectively than a reception area that’s cluttered with boxes, too much furniture, too many accessories and other unnecessary items.

Keep yours spacious, tidy and neat, and make sure that any deliveries are dealt with quickly, or preferably through a trade entrance elsewhere if possible.

Tone it down

Many offices are bustling, busy places with lots of ambient noise punctuated by phones ringing, people talking, doors opening and closing and so forth.

Whilst it’s not the worst thing for your visitors to feel the vibe of the place, giving them a calmer environment in which to arrive and wait will set them at ease and hopefully set the same tone for any meetings!

Use softening touches around your reception such as carpeting or rugs (if you’ve got tiled or wooden flooring), paintings and other wall coverings and even low partitioning to tone the noise down a bit in your reception area.

Extend the love

It’s all well and good to hit the right tone in your reception area, and show that you’re proud of your brand, but don’t disappoint by allowing the rest of the office space to let you down. Carry through themes by incorporating similar furniture, colours, accessories and space divisions throughout to create a seamless, high-quality effect.

Don’t blow hot and cold

Finally, to really hit it off on a top note with your visitors, make sure your amenities and facilities match the décor – set your climate control to a comfortable temperature, taking into account the season and type of weather your guests are coming in from.

Offer tea, coffee and water facilities, and encourage your reception staff to be bright, cheerful and welcoming – although we suspect that if you follow the advice above, your reception staff will already be well on top of their game!

For advice and guidance on creating the perfect office environment, contact Officescape today on 01223 581 185.

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