By their very nature of what they are for, offices are a serious place

Today’s workforce, more than ever before, is used to being “always on” with powerful communicator tools close to hand at all time. This leads to an overlap of work and leisure thinking. We are now seeing a need for an injection of fun into office design to carry the out of work environment into the workplace.

 What Can You Include To Help?

Light hearted toilet signs


  • These signs on toilet doors are instantly recognisable yet could easily be out of the work environment. The interior colours might not be to everyone’s taste though!

A glass topped table in the style of a pallet.

Small meetings table

  • Adding some fun in the actual work area can help when concentration is broken for small meetings.
  • This table, with pallet style breaks with the formal desking in this bright working area.

Fun private study areas.

Secluded study

  • These private study areas allow for secluded study, small meetings and even a quiet place for thinking and planning.
  • Great for reading the paper at lunch time too especially if you’re a crossword addict!

Clock on the wall with the effect of a grandfather clock drawn around it.

Time for all

  • With thoughtful design, this ordinary clock has been given the grandfather treatment with the addition of some graphics.
  • No increase on the space taken up and no winding required.

A bar area in an office environment

After work

  • This bar area is well suited for breaks or meal times.
  • It can be used for social events or for winding down after a hard day.

If you would like your office design to be conventional, quirky or even outlandish, we can incorporate it in a design and build it to suit your needs. Call us on 01553 811833 or email us

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