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Office Design is an absolutely critical aspect of creating and maintaining a happy, productive workforce.

But getting the balance right between creating a space that is inspirational and one that is also functionally appropriate can be tricky.

Here are our 5 top tips that may help you as you plan your perfect environment:

1. Making the most of every square inch

Not all offices are created equal in terms of size, however, there are ways of making even smaller spaces, or oddly-shaped spaces feel lighter, airy and collaborative. The easiest way to do so is to break down any unnecessary walls, especially those that block out natural light or flow between areas. There are still ways to demarcate space – meeting rooms, chill areas etc. – you can move furniture into shapes that create definition without blocking out light or restricting natural flow.

These open-plan offices tend to encourage better communication and collaboration between colleagues, which can only be good for business!

Key things to take note of when planning include:

  • making the most of natural light by orientating all areas around windows
  • using glass partitioning where appropriate and possible
  • ensuring there are enough break-out and chill areas to keep the balance between work and rest

2. Form and Function can co-exist!

Dull, drab furniture is simply depressing, as is sitting on furniture that is uncomfortable – and with a range of stylish, modern and colourful options on the market, there really is no excuse. Spend time understanding exactly what your employees both need and like, and find options that satisfy both needs.

3. Keep it tidy

There’s nothing worse than having a workplace that’s cluttered with cables, box files, stationery, paper and other necessary but unattractive items. Fortunately, there is no shortage of neat, creative and stylish storage options – from desk solutions that have built-in conduits for cables and wires to tidy cupboard options, you’ll be able to find a range of finishes, colours and styles that will add significantly to your workplace’s neatness.

4. Play it cool

Maintaining a comfortable temperature is listed by employees as the number one priority for a happy working environment. It can be a challenge, as outside temperatures do fluctuate, but ensure you have a well-maintained and appropriate heating and cooling system in place, and you should be absolutely fine. According to research, the ideal temperature for optimum working efficiency is 22 degrees, so that’s your benchmark!

5. Be proud of who you are

Companies spend millions of pounds creating and articulating their brand through logos, brand statements and collateral. Don’t be afraid to pull that through into your office space – be proud of your brand, and let your employees and colleagues know by branding your office in creative and thoughtful ways.

Pull through your brand pillars into the names of your chill areas, boardrooms, meeting spaces and more.

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