The post-Covid world is starting to find its feet, and with it, the emergence of a ‘should I, shouldn’t I?’ question around the new hot topic… Return to the Workplace.

The solution that many employers are working with is a hybrid strategy – one that offers staff a mix of Work from Home and time in the office. This gives their employees a degree of flexibility, whilst also being able to get back in touch with the aspects of working in an office that many people have missed – most notably the culture of the business, interacting with fellow staff members and the ‘get up and go somewhere’ proactiveness of a morning routine.

To help entice workers back to the office, some businesses have adopted unique strategies to signal that they support a fresher, more creative atmosphere and that employee comfort and wellbeing are important to them.

Just some of the ideas that have emerged include:

  • A lot more plants, soft furnishings and lounge areas where people can replicate their home working environments, but at the office
  • Offices with special areas for dogs so that you can bring pooch to work
  • Themed spaces to help stimulate creativity and imagination
  • A broader spread of open, semi-enclosed and enclosed workspaces to give employees options for privacy

Some companies have really pushed the boat out – for example in Pittsburgh, USA, the Inventionland Institute which specializes in creative solutions for a range of products and industries has created 16 work areas to help stimulate its team’s creativity, including a pirate ship special operations team hideout, a Moroccan-themed meeting room, and a room in which every surface – even the floor and chairs – is a whiteboard.

The key to sustainable workspaces that attract and retain high-value employees is:

  • Facilitating well-being, creativity and positive interactions
  • Replicating aspects of home working to give staff flexibility around children, for example
  • Creating more spaces for relaxation and down-time
  • Improving kitchen facilities to replicate people’s home environments
  • Offering a range of spaces from open-plan to private so that employees have options

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