Allowing employees to create their own personal workspace to work in while at the office is something that many business owners feel conflicted about.

Whether it’s because they are concerned that their employees’ workspaces won’t accurately conform to the company image should visitors come round or simply because they are worried that giving their workers freedom to decorate their offices so to speak, many businesses don’t allow for customisation of any kind – not even the desktop on the computer.

So how does customisation affect their employees? Does being able to decorate their workspace affect the quality of their work?

It Makes People Feel More at Home

Being surrounded by familiar items can often make people feel more at ease and relaxed – sometimes even inspiring.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s having your favourite throw draped over your chair that reminds you of home or the happy, smiling faces of your loved ones in picture frames watching over you as you work; being reminded of home and the people who are proud of you is one of the biggest motivators on the planet.

If they’re motivated and happy, they’re more likely to be enthusiastic about the work that they’re doing, keeping your business on track!


It Gives Them a Sense of Belonging

Allowing people to call an area of the office space their own gives them a sense of belonging within workplace.

It gives them a place to call their own while they are at work, making it easier for them to know where they fit into the office and makes their desk stand out, especially if they decorate the desk with things that are personal to them. It gets conversations going between employees – maybe you didn’t know so-and-so had a brother who you went to school with!

For new employees, it’s a great way to help them settle into the new environment; often new people will find it very intimidating to be sat at an empty desk, so surrounding themselves with familiar items which make them happy is a great way to help them adapt to the new office space.


They Can Express Their Individuality

Depending on the industry that you’re working in, individuality might be extremely hard to express, especially if there are rules as to what you can and can’t wear.

Creating a workspace which reflects who they are as a person and what interests them will give their co-workers an insight into their personality. After all, each worker will have their own personalities and traits, no matter what kind of profession they are in.

Individuality needs to be shown in some way, and sometimes workers need reminding themselves that they do have a life outside their job – they’re all individuals with their own lives, not just another bland, boring name in the company book!

If you’re still not sold on the benefits of letting your employees customise their workspaces, why not give us a call and see how Officescape can help you create an attractive, professional office that your employees will thoroughly enjoy working in. We’ll be happy to advise you, so be sure to get in touch today!

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