Why Change Your Flooring?

There is a very cost effective way of refreshing the appearance of your offices in between major refurbishments and that is to change your flooring. You can change the entire feel of an office or an entrance way simply by renewing what you have on your floors. It always gives the business a bit of a lift, a feel good factor and can bring a “wow” factor to your entrance, working or relaxation areas.

Decorative entrance barrier mat

Which of Your Areas Might Benefit?

Over the years that we’ve helped businesses to increase productivity and make the best use of their space, what often makes the biggest difference to the people that work in the business and what gives them a real boost is the flooring … it seems crazy but a different coloured carpet, or specialist laminates or even tile or stone, transforms any area. (Remember too, flooring can help enormously with noise suppression, comfort for people spending time on their feet and insulation, cleaning costs should also be taken in to consideration.)

Varying the texture as well as colours within an area can add interest and variation. For example in an entrance, barrier flooring will reduce dirt and water ingress whereas vinyl will make cleaning easier further inside. You may decide that your business should have a corporate flooring design scheme or a strong entrance statement. It might be the ideal time to install an environmentally sound product or something that has a particular acoustic performance. Whatever route you choose, you’ll find that simply changing the flooring can make a huge difference to visitors and staff alike.

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