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Research has revealed that office design and environment is a top priority for staff. This means a well-designed office space could be a strategic aspect of your employee engagement and retention, as well as your talent acquisition strategy.

As a result of this, companies have been focusing much more on creating better office environments for their staff. This includes things such as open-plan offices, formal and informal collaboration areas, more natural light and breakout areas.

Breakout Areas

Research shows that staff who regularly take their lunch break are more engaged and productive at work. However, despite the benefits, many employees do not take their break.

On average, the British worker takes approximately 34 minutes for their lunchbreak and more than half skip their lunch altogether. Not only this, office workers tend to eat lunch at their desk on average four times a week.

Providing employees with an attractive and comfortable breakout area in which they can relax and eat with colleagues means staff are much more likely to take their lunch hour. By including an activity to do such as table football, a pool table or even a games console helps people to switch off during their breaks.

Agile Working Environments

Agile working is a way of working in which an organisation empowers its people by giving them the freedom to choose how they work. The aim of agile working is to create a more responsive and engaged workforce.

More recently it has been found that employees feel more empowered and engaged when they’re given choices about how and where they work. The solution to this is by providing an agile work environment.

Agile work environments could include the following types of spaces:

  • Focus – an area for staff to carry out work that really requires concentration for example on a project
  • Collaboration – space for employees to work with each other in a group
  • Learning – somewhere workers can go to learn knowledge and new skills
  • Socialise – it is important for employees to interact with each other to build trust and productive relationships

Bring in Nature

Biophilic office design is becoming extremely popular because as humans we are naturally drawn to nature.

By introducing plant life into your office, you increase oxygen levels and as a result concentration levels, mood and productivity are all increased. A few ways in which you can bring nature into your workplace are:

  • Natural finishes such as wood, rough wood finishes and reconstituted wood furniture
  • Living walls
  • Various plants and shrubbery

Bringing in and utilising natural light is also important. As well as natural surroundings, light can also affect productivity, mood and wellbeing. Ensuring your office is well lit throughout is essential.

Don’t be Afraid to Use Colour

Research has shown that office staff believe the colour of their surroundings has an impact on their emotions and performance. In workplaces today we are embracing colour more. But this doesn’t have to just be a painted wall! You can add a splash of colour through furniture, carpet, wall graphics and desk accessories. Don’t be afraid to use bright and bold colours but make sure they fit your branding.

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