As a company that specialises in office design and office refurbishment in London, we’re always excited to see what different companies have done with their space. Not surprisingly, London is home to some the UK’s most stylish offices.

From Google and Innocent to Coca Cola and Red Bull, these office giants have definitely created an office space that is anything but boring. When looking for inspiration for your own office design, these chic and fashionable offices are definitely the ones to check out.

What design lessons can we learn from these super stylish and unique offices in London?

Space for Employees to Relax is Essential

When looking at some of the best offices in London, such as Ticketmaster and Google, one thing definitely stands out. All of these offices have a well designed and thought out ‘relaxing’ or ‘chill out’ space for the employees. This is something more than just a room with a kettle and a microwave; it’s a space for employees to be social.

Innocent HQ have a canteen decked out with park benches, Ticketmaster have board games, an Xbox and a slide, whilst Google have an area that has rugs and armchairs. It also has a roof terrace with tables for those wanting to spend their break in fresh air.

This shows us that it’s important to designate a part of your office for your employees to get away from work for a while, whether it’s 10 minutes or an hour. It doesn’t have to include a slide (although wow!) but it should be separate to the office.

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Open Space Sparks Creativity

Closed off offices or offices cramped with computer after computer definitely seems to be a thing of the past. When looking at some of the most stylish offices in London, it’s obvious to see that many of them are favouring the open plan design. Bright, open spaces are thought to boost creativity and it definitely seems to be working. Communication in the work place is essential – which is why this type of office design works so well.


Branding in the Decor

There is a reason why the Red Bull offices in Soho are decorated red and blue with metallic walls, or why the Coca Cola offices use recycled coke bottles in their lightings and furniture. Branding is important and what’s better than using it within your office decor. The workplace should reflect the culture of your company and therefore be creative, innovative and inspiring.

Imagine the Google offices being bland and boring? Or Facebook not allowing the use of Facebook in the office? It wouldn’t happen!  The Google offices are bright and colourful to reflect the brand, whilst Facebook actively encourage their employees to communicate online.

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