It’s not often you hear of office design that is intended to confuse and disorientate your colleagues. One company in California, USA has done just that and it’s not done in a malicious way, either.

Procore Technologies have teamed up with an innovative office design company names Kingdom Industry who are also based in California to create a confusing labyrinth within their HQ. Everything in the office is at a 30 degree angle and is created in a modern, minimalist office design.

This confusing design is intended to disorientate workers because neuroscience has found that disorientation and immersive environments make the brain, and therefore the worker, more alert.

Linked into the Construction Industry

Procore Technologies specialise in construction management software which is used to monitor construction projects. It is a cloud based system, which ironically relies on synchronisation which makes us wonder, how did a company who relies on things working effectively together come up with a confusing office design to make their workers more alert?

According to Eric Corbett, the owner of Kingdom Industry, he wanted to incorporate some of the chaos that comes along with the construction industry. With many different departments working as one with various different moving components involved in constructing a project, the designers wanted to incorporate some of this spontaneity and collaboration into the office design.

Includes Some Surprising Spatial Elements

From walking down slanted corridors to catching an unexpected glance at a fellow colleague at their desk through gaps in the wall where the walls don’t meet at a corner, the design is truly meant to keep the workers on their toes and to expect the unexpected.


Using this enriching environment gets the brain working harder and focusing on new stimulus which comes around from seeing something unexpected increases the blood flow to parts of the brain, making the person feel more alert about their surroundings.

Working in a diverse environment will always keep your brain ticking over and looking for something new that you may not have noticed before. If your office design is visually interesting and has tactile elements incorporated, you will be able to see a drastic change in the alertness and energy that your colleagues will have.

If you would like to have a look at this intriguing office design, take a look at the Kingdom Industry gallery which has a whole range of images showing the interior design of the office.

At Officescape, we are specialists in creating innovative, exciting office designs. We are always interested in new and interesting office design news, and we think that this unusual approach could result in being quite effective in increasing employee alertness. We specialise in re-designing drab office spaces with our high quality office fit out service, so if you would like to create an enriching workspace which your colleagues feel more alert and energised in, contact us by calling our fantastic design team on 01553 811 833 today.

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