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Design and Build

If it’s a small alteration or a major refurbishment, if you want a truly collaborative team working on your project, you can take advantage of a design and build service such as we offer.

From the beginning they will:

  • Assess your needs, by a work study if required
  • Establish your priorities and plans
  • Develop the design to fit your budget
  • Work around your priorities
  • Give consideration to supply issues
  • Work to agreed timelines

Benefits of Project Management

1. Only one team

Design and build service

Every one involved is pulling together aiming to exceed the client’s wishes and when problems occur, as they inevitably do, there is no finger pointing, just a rolling up of sleeves and working at overcoming the issue.

The same company is responsible for all aspects, this allows account to be taken of pricing and build time at design stage and the client gets a clearer overview from the start. A thorough investigation into likely issues before design allows accurate budget projections.

The same company will see the project right though and see the start and finish.

2. Broad Experience

The company can draw on different skill elements without having to go outside resulting in time saving. Our DesignBuilder foundation will ensure maximum productivity and our project management skills will remove the pitfalls.

There is a danger if architects try to take on project management or builders start designing that it all goes wrong. Architects thinking like builders and vice versa is part of the culture in a design/build company.

3. Simplifying

For the client, using a design/build route, the single point of contact points to a successful conclusion and our project management process allows a simple way of involvement by the client.

There are no egos and the client is empowered by the team spirit.

4. Honest Communication

We want the client to understand what is happening. A partnership works best when communicating what people need to hear rather than what they want to hear, “tell it like it is”.

Honesty and openness is always the best way.

5. Time is precious

Calendar cutting

Many elements in both design and construction need to be co-ordinated throughout the process, so much easier with one team.

Backward steps will slow the process so the team will work at avoiding that situation so improving cost-effectiveness.

An opportunity to revisit decisions during the build with the design/build option will not necessarily cost money. This defies the conventional belief.

6. Cost Savings

As already stated, there are cost savings for going with a design/build option, there is only one company and everyone is working for the same goal.

The possibility of your project running much smoother when using a design/build company is realistic and achievable.

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