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Despite the extraordinary conditions we’re all experiencing at the moment with the Covid-19 lockdown, the Officescape team risen to the challenge. We are still maintaining a large number of live sites and projects across the board.

We have been able to do because of the Covid-19 site procedures we developed and rolled out across all of our projects very early in the crisis.

We were encouraged that the government recently released a statement clarifying that the Construction Industry should put in place strong measures to protect their site staff – but should continue to keep sites open and people working.

We’ve identified a communication, travel and working policy for on-site staff – that protects our team to the extent that we feel that some of them are actually less exposed to the risks of the virus – then some of our guys would be in their own homes!

All of this means that as well as maintaining our existing project commitments, we are able to assist organisations to complete any design and fitout projects that have been left outstanding because of Covid-19.

Officescape Are Here

Due to our stringent Site Operating Procedures (SOP), Officescape are still able to deliver projects to existing clients and have been able to take over unfinished projects for a number of organisations.

Our dedicated team operate to current Covid-19 SOP in line with the Department of Health guidelines. This ensures the safety and wellbeing of all on-site staff so that we can help our customers complete priority projects during this time.

For more information about how Officescape can help with your projects during this difficult time, contact one of the friendly staff at Officescape LLP on +44 1223 581 185 or

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