Office prices are still climbing throughout the UK and it’s no wonder that many businesses are finding it difficult to keep up with the rising rental prices for the basis of their workforce. However, is it possible that many businesses could benefit financially from renting a smaller office space?

Unused Office Space

Believe it or not, many businesses are renting office spaces and not actually taking full advantage of the space that is available to them. We’re not talking about huge empty spaces in an office that have nothing in them, but more the space that the room provides as a whole.

Rooms don’t just offer space floor wise, they also offer a great opportunity for vertical storage space too. Many managers don’t realise the potential for using the height of their offices for more efficient storage solutions which don’t take up a huge amount of valuable floor space. This means that although you may feel like your office is crowded with people, it may simply be that your storage solution is taking up more floor space than necessary.


Ill-Fitting Office Furniture

Another issue that we have seen while preparing for an office fit out is that many businesses invest in poorly fitting office furniture for the office layout that they are using. Rather than trying to squeeze a clearly over-sized desk into a confined space, why not invest in a smaller, fit for purpose desk with ample room for working on while being compact enough to save on space.

Alternatively, you could look at investing in bespoke furniture design which allows a professional office designer to design and create office furniture that fits the specifications of your workspace as well as the needs of your work force at the same time. Before looking into renting a larger office space, be sure that you aren’t being over generous with poorly fitted office furniture- you may just save some space as well as quite a bit of money!


Create a Flexible Workspace

If you have many departments working in close proximity, rather than trying to accommodate each of their needs into a separate room, why not create a flexible workspace that everyone has access to and can use? Not only will this free up dedicated space which may not be used as often as other areas, such as separate meeting or collaboration spaces, but it will also allow your departments to collaborate their ideas more, and as you’ve probably already realised, here at Officescape, we love people getting creative and collaborating ideas!

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