It’s been a really strange year for most of us and having to work at home has brought about some benefits and some challenges.

But as we look ahead, and hopefully a return to a more normal working life, we thought it would be fun to review some of the workplaces around the world that have been voted as the most fun to work at, and what they do that could inspire you.

Selgas Cano (Madrid)

This architect’s office is situated in a forest just outside Madrid, and the building itself lies half underground, half above ground and uses large windows to give employees a fantastic view out into nature, from as close to on the ground as they can be.

Google (Zurich office)

They’re known for innovation and combining that slightly zany Silicon Valley approach to most things, and Google certainly gets a few fundamentals right in its offices. From slides and fire-station poles to drop from floor to floor, and free meals three times per day to an aquarium in their Zurich office, the Google strategists knows how to combine fun with practical support to ensure their team stays productive!

AOL (Palo Alto, California)

Fresh designs and lots of relaxation and inspiration spaces make up the bulk of this innovative office in Silicon Valley. They’ve added splashes of colour, unique lighting, games rooms, pool tables and large kitchens to ensure that their employees have plenty of visual interest, space to breathe, and recreational activities during the all-important downtime between work.

Comvert (Milan)

Situated in the fashion capital of Italy, Comvert is a skate and snow clothing company that has taken their office space into a totally new dimension. Built in a disused cinema, the office has industrial-style bottom and middle floors with exposed beams and solid wood and concrete floors, alcoves and offices. But to make the space beyond cool, they’ve filled up the large roof space with a full-size skateboard park!

YouTube (San Bruno, California)

The Google-owned internet video service has been quirky from the start, and their offices are testament to their off-beat approach with big open floor spaces, putting greens, Segway tracks, gaming stations, swimming pool and gym and on-site restaurant making work a truly fun place to be.

Facebook (London)

This funky open plan office in the heart of London, designed by renowned architect Frank Gehry, is light and airy with huge windows giving employees and visitors a spectacular view over the capital. An in-house smoothie bar, huge sweet dispensary, free lunches and loads of free vending machines loaded with healthy snacks and drinks make sustenance during the working day a breeze!

Dtac (Bangkok)

Thailand’s third-largest mobile provider has the largest office in the country, nearly 650 000 square feet, and has systematically gone about turning it into a playground of activity, inspiration, relaxation, conversation and more. They’ve included an entire floor dedicated to fun which boasts a running track, indoor football, table tennis and other games as well as a Conversation chamber, freeform meeting rooms, Picnic Table, Dining Room, performance and concert spaces and a huge open terrace on top of the building overlooking Bangkok’s skyline.

Whilst not all companies have the space or budget to achieve all the above wild and wacky office spaces, there should hopefully be enough inspiration in their ideas to drive your own creativity.

From a cool chillout space and well-appointed kitchen to natural light and well-stocked vending machines, there are many simple but highly effective things you can do to welcome your employees back to work when Covid-19 settles down.

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